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Flash animation / E-learning

Flash animations are effective tools that can help provide the information you want to deliver.  Animations can explain essence of the processes, device functions or new technologies.
We've created number of animations for foreign and domestic companies, such as animations to support products sale, animations to explain device functions for salesmen and much more.


Flash header

Flash header is one of the the most common animation on the web site. Flash header is placed at the top of the web site and can contain stunning web site navigation, animated intro, products slideshow, company logo animation or emphasize the company brand. Flash header gives the users a delightful first impression of your web site. Web sites that use optimized flash header, are compatible with the search engines.


Animation can be used to educate, inform and attract users.


We have years of experience in flash animation, flash intro and flash application development. Most of ours web sites contain impressive flash header. Please take a look at our portfolio.
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Take a look at some our animations:

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